The world is lacking a visual classification for all the various elements of the crypto industry. This is by no means meant to be exhaustive, but to at least have a starting point so that over time, we can continue to build on this until we can fully visualize the entire crypto universe.

Some elements have deeper trees that have not been fully established yet. For example, the DeFi box below, could be further expanded to include all the various elements of DeFi.

The goal here is to revisit this map every 6 months to a year and create an updated classification system over time to see how the landscape changes and be able to provide more depth to the chart.

If you have any recommendations or thoughts on how to improve the classification system, please leave your notes in the comments

Zero Knowledge Proofs Simplified

“Personally, I think zk-SNARKs are a hugely important, absolutely game-changing technology…They are the single most under-hyped thing in cryptography right now” -Vitalik Buterin

“I’m with Vitalik. Zero-knowledge proofs may be the future of private trade.”-Edward Snowden

The issue of privacy is central to the idea of cryptocurrencies, and improving privacy is an ongoing task. Vitalik Buterin is looking at zk-SNARKs implementation as part of the Ethereum roadmap and Zcash is already using it as an integral part of its privacy solution.

While you might have heard about zk-SNARKs, you may wonder what the jargon really means, and in this post…

We explain the current scalability problem with the Ethereum blockchain and how the Sharding implementation could provide a potential solution.


Picture yourself sitting in a big auditorium writing an exam with 500 other people.

Let’s say there are 50 proctors in total monitoring and grading the exams. Imagine each one of those 500 exams had to be graded by all 50 proctors and your exam grade was the average of all of the scores. Could you imagine how long it would take to grade all the exams? It’s not a scalable or feasible method by any means and it only gets more difficult as the number of students writing exams increases. …

A crypto taxonomy created to better understand the landscape and future of digital assets

Ever wonder why a crypto taxonomy system doesn’t exist? Me too!

So I decided to create one myself. Sometimes you just need to take action when things don’t exist.

I’ve built this as a base or starting so it’s easier for all of us to visualize the different branches of cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets. By no means is this exhaustive, so feel free to leave your comments/feedback, and let’s work together to improve it and build a fully exhaustive crypto classification system.

I mean, the core of crypto is open-source and working together, so why not implement that same mindset in…

Tired of seeing the headlines and all the BS out there about NFTs that mainstream media’s been pumping for clicks? Then keep reading!

I decided to create something easy to digest that will actually make you smarter and well informed about the potential of NFTs, not just the media hype!

My only intent is that I hope some of you get value out of this and end up with a better understanding of NFTs. If you do, please share and like!

NOT SEEN ON TV. This is my honest truth about NFTs, the future use cases that will change and…

Vakeesan Mahalingam, CFA CBP

A student for life. A Futurist at heart. I like DeFi and Twizzlers!

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