Crypto Classification 2021

A crypto taxonomy created to better understand the landscape and future of digital assets

Ever wonder why a crypto taxonomy system doesn’t exist? Me too!

So I decided to create one myself. Sometimes you just need to take action when things don’t exist.

I’ve built this as a base or starting so it’s easier for all of us to visualize the different branches of cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets. By no means is this exhaustive, so feel free to leave your comments/feedback, and let’s work together to improve it and build a fully exhaustive crypto classification system.

I mean, the core of crypto is open-source and working together, so why not implement that same mindset in creating a crypto taxonomy right?

Feel free to use it, modify it, recreate it, share it, or leave feedback on how to make it better.

It’s a lot easier to visualize the entire crypto landscape with this image than in your head.

I hope you all find some value in it!

Crypto Classification System created by Vakeesan Mahalingam, CFA



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